SheetCam version?

A local Makerspace has a Swift-Cut 1250 running on Windows 7, as far I know it is as up to date as it can be without changing over to Windows 10/11.

This is at a public facility and the CNC plasma cutter doesn’t get used much but recently someone came in and was hoping to use it. All the further they could ever get was to zero the head on the machine. They could not get there gcode file to run at all. They tried everything to no avail. It hit me a little bit ago that yes, they could get a signal to the router to zero the head, but the gcode wouldn’t run.

This evening it hit me after watching some videos last night on DIYing CNC machine and some of the modifications to the gcode that had to be made to get the gcode to run properly that the trouble may be in the gcode generated by the CAD program they are using. I’m not sure what CAD program they were designing with.

I heard Swift-Cut originally came with SheetCAM before they changed to their own program. So I know SheetCAM should work more than likely.

My guess is changes have been made to SheetCAM over the years or any newer version wouldn’t have been released. I’m not sure if the the newer version would have made any changes to the way gcode is assembled. So this may be a stupid question. I’m extremely new to all of this. Haven’t been around any CNC machines or anything until a few weeks ago, and still haven’t spent much time around them, only twice.

What is the most reliable version of SheetCAM that could be used to work with the Swift-Cut 1250 on Windows 7?


I would think the current version should work fine. You would need the correct post processor to produce gcode to run your machine, but the post processors are customizable, so that shouldn’t be a problem.