SheetCam V6.2.0

Hi I was last working with V6.0.14 and lost it, so I just installed the latest, freshest, per Subject line. A lot is different. A couple of questions: Mach 3 is not available as Post Processor, should I just use Mach 2? And what happened to Depth Per Pass? Is that now called Z Increment? And the Import button is gone. How do I import now? Btw, I really miss not being able to look at my whole toolbox under Tool Table. Thanks in advance for your help.

I think you need to go back to the SheetCam site and read the version descriptions a little better.

"SheetCam standard

Note this download is limited to approximately 180 lines of generated code.
This version has now reached the end of it’s development life. This download is only for users who already have a license for this version.

Download SheetCam V6.2.0"


Thank you for your response, Steve, I do have a license. ALL versions have a limit of 180 lines which will be relieved once the license is reinstated (I was unable to do this and have asked Les to send another copy).

Maybe I need to download the Stable version instead of Standard?

I use version 6.0.15 right now, and it works great. Once in a while I even use the development version 6.1.13 and it’s got some nice features also. Why go back to an old unsupported version when you can have all newest bells and whistles.

Good luck and nice chatting with you, Steve