sheetcam to g code

downloaded my new sheetcam, when i run post processor it writes the z axis at .375 which is 3/8 off my work how do i correct this , i need the torch to touch down and lift to pierce ht, my shop or table computer is running mach 3

You didn’t mention which post processor or touch off method you are using, but generally the switch offset is set in either the post, or in Mach3 (but not both). The switch offset is used when you are using a switch in the Z axis to sense the material height. If you are using Ohmic sensing, then the Z offset would be Zero.


ok totally new , but machine is trucut with offset switch which is set in the mach 3 on the table, and i suppose i have no clue which post processor i need on the computer to generate g code my table has THC