SheetCam returns to end of last operation after insert code.

I’m trying to do a sequence of operations where when I am done with one, I go to the part zero and pause, while I re-position my clamps and then start the next operation. But after my insert code (line 1740-1780) to center and pause, sheetcam inserts returns to the end of the last operation. (line 1800) instead of the first cut of the next operation (1810). I am sure there is a good reason for what it’s doing, but what is the right way to do what I am after?

N1730 X10.6456 Y13.2554 I-0.1246 J-0.0294 F100.0
N1740 (Operation: Insert code G0 Z2,G0 X0 Y0,M0)
N1750 ([Pause to remove clamps from top - cut bottom])
N1760 G0 Z2
N1770 G0 X0 Y0
N1780 M0
N1790 (Operation: Drill, BOTTOMMOUNTHOLES, T120: Mill/router, 0.244 in diameter, 0.8 in Deep)
N1800 G00 X10.6456 Y13.2554 Z1.0000
N1810 X0.0184 Y-13.2379

SheetCam does not know what your inserted code does. As it has no idea if the machine has moved, the first thing it does it make sure the machine is at a known posiiton.

To get around this, use a move operation to position the head out the way. Now insert an M0 to pause.