SheetCam putting extra circles in my part?

I have to start out by saying I am pretty new to all this, but it’s not all that hard and I’ve done pretty good so far, but hit a sticky point.

I have a simple SVG drawing that when I open it in various programs (VISIO, Adobe Illustrator and InkScape) has a simple outline, but when I open it in SheetCam there are some extra circles in the middle.

I’ve attached the SVG file. I can attach the SheetCam Job as well if that helps.

Is there something I am missing?

Could you attach a support file as well. That would help me try to figure out what is going on.

Is this a scanned image that has been traced with bitmap to vector conversion software? If you zoom in closely on the outline you will see that it is actually very jagged. That explains why the drawing file is so large and it takes a very long time to load. I would strongly recommend manually tracing the image rather than using conversion software. I haven’t yet found any conversion software that does a good job of converting scanned images.

I tried to attach the support file but the forum says it’s too big. Can I email it to you?

I’m not sure where this image came from. :confused: Its one of the many shapes that I got from my dad that he cuts out for his business.

I have done some more tests. The circles are in the drawing but they are white so you don’t normally see them.

Install a copy of Inkscape and load the drawing. Click on the profile to select it then right-click and select ‘ungroup’. Repeat until the ungroup option goes away. Now drag-select ove the area where the circles are. You will see tow boxes over the circles. Of course you won’t see the circles because they are white. Now you can delete them.

While you are using Inkscape, click on the outline and go to Path->simplify. This will smooth the outline out. Save the drawing and load it into SheetCam. It should load much faster and the resultant cut path will be much cleaner.

Wow. Thanks. I also started playing around with converting the image using “MagicTracer” and that worked as well. (Convert svg to jpeg, trace it, and then convert back to svg. I’m not a graphics person so all this is a bit of a learning curve. Might have been easier to just draw the shape, but I have trouble drawing anything that isn’t all right angles. I really appreciate your help.

I think a rule of thumb might be if it takes sheetcam more than a few seconds to load a simple drawing, then your drawing has issues.

Try to avoid bitmap (jpeg/bmp/png etc) converter programs. They tend to create some odd outlines and always reduce accuracy. This image was probably originally created by such a program.

Experiment with Inkscape. It works well for artistic stuff and you can’t beat the price (free). If you have to do a bitmap to vector conversion, Inkscape’s tracer is one of the best I have come across.

Can Converter365 be used to convert svg to jpeg file format? Or do I need to use something else in this case.

Why do you want to convert SVG to jpg? SheetCam can’t load jpg files but it can load SVG files.

To trace it, then convert it back to svg. I might be a little confused.

Have you tried loading the SVG directly into SheetCam?