Sheetcam post process not creating Gcode

After importing a drawing or dxf, and visually checking for any potential issues and setting up my operations, I am not receiving any usable Gcode after processing. I get a .tap file, with the name and specifications but no code. Am I missing something blatantly obvious? I have seen posts saying this could be a license issue but I am unsure if my issue is related. I tried reinstalling the licence and it didn’t help. It’s also a table and computer that was sold to me, and was working fine. Table works, Mach3 works with old gcode I have, but I am having a tough time getting Gcode from sheetcam. Thank you for any help, it is greatly appreciated. I apologize if this an extremely simple solution I may have missed.

Here is an example of a file that was exported after post processing:
deer cut test 1.tap (236 Bytes)

Do you get any warnings when you post process?
It could be a license issue. Try reinstalling your license. If that doesn’t help, let me know your license ID. You can find it in Help->about.

I reinstalled it, messed with a couple settings and nothing has changed. I sent a pm with the license code, I really appreciate it!

You might check to see if you have the right Post Processor selected in Options-> Machine-> Post Processor.