sheetcam pocket & contour combination


I’m trying to make a certain part but I do not know how to tell sheetcam what to do.

I’ve got a DXF file of a 3d drawing I’ve made:

DXF file:

The contour operation is easy, but how do i tell sheetcam that it must remove the pocket?

Of course I could ad a few extra lines in draftsight but that is an extra program and extra step that is possibly incorporated in Sheetcam.

This is my way of solving it:

Is there a faster way?

I’m afraid there isn’t any way of telling SheetCam to do this without changing the drawing.

Hello Les,

Ok, no problem! Thanks for the fast replay

Is there any way to change the setting so a Job Report will always display in minutes not seconds?

Go to Options->application options->units and change the time to H:M:S. That will display the time in hours, minutes and seconds.