Sheetcam freezing when import drawing

Hello, when I try and import a drawing into sheetcam it freezes on the loading drawing screen. It seems to just be anything I drew in the last 2 or so days. I can open other things from last week but nothing new. I draw my files in Fusion 360 then save them as a DXF file then open them in sheetcam to generate the g code. I have uninstalled Fusion 360 and it still does this. I purchased my Sheetcam last march I believe, the full license. I have attached the two dxf files I can’t open so far.
doodles.dxf (386 KB)
testing letters.dxf (178 KB)

This appears to be a problem with the dxf importer. I’m not sure yet why it is choking on your drawing.

The development version of SheetCam loads your drawing correctly. I’m aiming for a new release of SheetCam Stable some time towards the end of the month. It is based on the development version so that should solve your problem. Until then you could use the development version to load these files.