SheetCam 6.1.57 unable to set machine type

Hi Gus’n;gals
I have an Ubuntu 20.10 laptop I’m currently trying to run SheetCam 6.1.57 on.
The splash screen displays confirming 6.1.57 then the “untitled” window of the application is presented.
I navigate to Options > Machine to setup my plasma cutter that runs a stand-alone linuxCNC and I’m shown the options for machine type but neither are clickable. It is like they are labels rather than buttons

I’m not sure if this is a “new look” or something else is broken but If I try to add a new tool (the first tool) I’m give a window where nothing is selectable - eg direction of rotation displays but there are not radio buttons or tick boxes. Clicking OK or changing the 1 to text is all I can do.
Clicking OK will dismiss the window and create the tool, but the name is “T0: New &rotary tool, Error”

I must confess I have stopped there.
I have tried the windows exe in wine but there seems to be no persistence, meaning I have to re-setup up the machine, working envelope and tools every time I start it - not great but workable.
I understand Linux is probably a minority and a pain to write for with all the different distros etc, I’m not complaining but if you are not aware of the issues you stand no chance of fixing them.
Les, what distro do you test with? I’m not fussy what distro I need to use on the laptop and if it eases issues for you then I’m in.

Any insights\suggestions greatly received

This is a problem with Ubuntu’s GTK2 support. If you go into Ubuntu settings you should find an option to set the GTK theme. Try a few different themes. Most are broken but a few still work. I’m working on a new Linux release which uses GTK3, which should solve the problem.

Thanks Les
I’ll have a play and see what works.
Much appreciated