Setting the exact location of the LEAD IN

Greetings forum!

I’m currently cutting 1 panel that has been repeated and nested on a 2ft x 4ft piece of MDF. It’s an outside offset cut.

Right now it’s leading in on the same location on each panel…but I want to change it to start at one of the corners…on each panel. Can I change this location in the settings?

Thank you!!

Is this nested in SheetCam or CAD? If it is nested in SheetCam you need to make sure each part is copied, not duplicated. You can move start points by using start point mode (mode->edit start points). Make sure the part you want to change is selected and the correct operation is selected. Now you can move the start point by clicking on the outline where you want to place your start point.

If you have nested in SheetCam and the parts are duplicated you can only change the start point on the master part. All of the duplicates will have the same start point as the master part.

Thanks for the reply. Actually, it’s nested in Adobe Illustrator - but you gave me the info I need to make edits to the starting point. Thank you!