setting of tool path not working


I have set under options - Application options all paths.
but I cannot find any tool there by using Version 4.1.1 - developer version.
but I think in the version 3.x have saved all tools inside the tools folder.

I found the tools now saved in the job file. :frowning:

is there a way that I can create tools job independent and attach to the job as I need?

maybe I missing something but I not a point where I can do it.

when I create a new job, I get my tools, that is right. But when tools are separate I can manipulate the tool configuration from my program.

Because we need the tools related to the material and not the part.

In generally spoken. I like to create a material, let me say 4mm aluminum sheet with a given sheet size or any other material with specific material parameter and I like to put my parts on it.

we laser cutting sheets up to 6 by 3 meter so this is for us important.

any help available for me?

thanks in advance


SheetCam always stores the tool set with the part. This is to ensure the generated g-code is always consistent.

If you want to work with a standard library of tools you can do it fairly easily. First create you standard tools then go to File->Save default tool set. Now go to Options->application options->annoying dialogs. If you see an entry for ‘Save default tool set’, turn it off.

Now to use the default tool set, load the job as normal then go to File->load default tool set. This will load your saved tool set into the job. When you close SheetCam it may ask you if you want to save the defalt tool set. Turn on ‘don’t ask me again’ then click on ‘no’.

thanks, today I figure it out. Sorry sounds I was to tired the last 2 days to see it.

Thanks your help