Set Part Order

Is there a way to efficiently set the part cut order for jet operations after breaking up a manually nested drawing?

The operation dialog has the options for cutting rules and path optimization, but there doesn’t seem to be anything that i can find that works on a part level. Say i have 400 parts nested on a sheet… after i manually break up the drawing, the parts are cut in a seemingly random order. This randomness causes a lot of wear on the machine jumping around all over the sheet. Would it be possible to order the parts left to right or something like that.

I set two different operations on the parts, one for inside holes and one for outside paths, so i dont have to manually edit 600 start points on the holes. Then break up the manually nested drawing so the parts are cut together.

Take a look at Options->job options->nesting. It gives you quite a bit of control.

Ok, awesome! Thanks Les! I figured there had to be something already in place somewhere.

How much work would it be to add the option to reduce thermal distortion by skipping around a specified distance like the operations dialog does? I would likely rarely use this, but when its needed, its needed badly.