Set a Post Processor variable.

Selecting the Icon brings up a dialog box with Variable name and value. The variable name has a drop down arrow, but nothing drops down. I would like to have a default list of variables that I can enter data into.

How do I do this ?

Thanks Wallace

This is done in the post. You need the DefineVariable function. For example:

DefineVariable("myVar", sc.unitLINEAR, 0, 100)

Creates a variable called ‘myVar’ with linear units and a range of 0 - 100mm. The value will be deisplayed in your preferred units.
You can now use that vriable naywhere in the post:

post.Text("My number is ")
post.Number(myVar, "0.###")

Note that DefineVariable must be used outside of any of the event functions.

Have a look at the post documentation for more info.