selected part pale

( I use sheetcam for plasma cutting)
When I select a part on the table display, the name of that part in the left hand parts list is highlighted light gray.
My problem is the gray is too light, and i have a hard time seeing it.
Is there a way to change the highlight color?
I’ve tried looking in application options, but i can’t find it.



SheetCam has no control over this. The colours are generated by Windows. You can change the colours in Windows but versions of Windows after Win8 don’t give you a lot of control. These links may help:

Thank you Les, it’s a lot better!

I’ve seen that question asked before, so I’ll post my step by step for windows 7:
Please forgive me, I’m translating from french:
-In the control panel, go in Appearance and personalisation
-go to: modify transparency colors of windows.
-go to: advanced parameters
-in the drop down menu, select: windows
-change color 1 to what you want (i chose a light gray)

It’s going to change the background color of the sheetcam menus, so the selected part in the left hand menu will now be in a white rectangle.

Thanks, better for me as well :sunglasses: