Screen Black

Hi Les, I’ve been using your program for a little while now and have gotten the hang off it pretty good. Just tonight though I decided to add a part to a new job and every time I do the screen in Sheetcam is just black. You can’t see anything. Thing is these are dxf files I’ve imported before and cut with no problem. Should I uninstall Sheetcam and re-install it?


When you import the drawing, check the file type. Is it set to ‘dxf’?

Hi Les, Yes, I made sure it was a dxf. It’s files I’ve cut before. If I click on the part in the upper left parts list, a start point like S1 will be in orange and that’s all that will show. Weird.

Wait, I read your reply a little closer this time and you were right, I didn’t have the file type set to dxf. Sorry about that.
Thanks again!