Scanything evaluation period?

Have been playing with Scanything and love it so far but it won’t let me save the file so I can see if the output matches how well it appears to follow an edge, it says the evaluation time has expired. I just downloaded the program Friday and installed it yesterday when my USB microscope arrived, do I need to enter something into the serial number box?

It took several tries to get it to calibrate the camera (Celestron model 44302-A) but once I figured out the adjustments it was following the edges of some simple parts very well, looks very promising.

Thanks, Dan

I am getting the same message Evaluation time expired download the latest version or purchase a license. I don’t recall anything about purchasing a license for scanything when downloading it. I have a licensed sheetcam. Please help us

Sorry about that. I have just uploaded an update which gives you another month. If your version doesn’t auto update, download and install the latest version from teh sheetcam website.

Thanks Les it works now and lets me save. About it should work for a month, then what? How or what do I need to do to keep this working. I have a license copy of sheetcam what else is needed.

Oops, I thought I replied to this. Scanything is a separate product from SheetCam. You can purchase a Scanything from the SheetCam website

Evidently this is still a problem. I downloaded Scanything on the 13th, got my camera on the 17th, and Scanything reports the demo period has expired. I never got to even try to save a file to see how it looks. I emailed the sales at Sheetcam last Friday about an evaluation license, but so far have received no reply.


I thought I sent you a license key. This key will last about 30 days from now. Go to Help->about and enter this key in the box provided:
EDIT: I removed license code because it has expired.

I am having the same problem. I purchased a licensed copy of scanything and am receiving the following error message:
Evaluation time expired. Download the latest version or purchase a license.

I have downloaded the latest version of scanything, but still receiving the error message.

I just had a look through my records and I can’t find your name on a Scanything license. All I can find is a SheetCam license in your name. Was your Scanything license made out to a different name?

If it isn’t under my name, it might be under my wife’s name, Paula Neher.

I checked and there is a SheetCam license under her name as well but no Scanything license. Did she accidentally order SheetCam instead of Scanything?