Scananything for linux/CommandCNC?

I’m currently running CandCNC Bladerunner Ethercut DTHCIV system. I’m interested in moving to the linux/CommandCNC system. I’m curious if there is a version of Scananything that works with the CandCNC offering. If not, is there an ETA for such a critter?

I currently use Scananything on my Mach based setup, and would hate to lose that functionality.


This is in progress. I am hoping to have something ready in early January.

Thanks Les. The Scananything port is the last of my mental roadblocks keeping me from upgrading. I’ll make plans to upgrade the system in the first couple weeks of January, then.

Scananything saved my butt on this job. Curious how the Linux port is coming.

Any updates on Scananything for Linux/CommandCNC?

I have sent out a beta to some testers. If all goes well I’ll make it available on the website. What version of Linux and LinuxCNC are you using?

Awesome. I’m actually running Mach/Windows right now. I’ve been holding off on the upgrade until Scananything was available for Linux / CommandCNC.

However, per, the upgrade from Windows to Linux just got more expensive. Went from $450 to $550, and will be the full $1150 after 90 days.

So, I’m going to go ahead an upgrade without Scananything…but it would be nice to know how soon I can use it again.

I am still waiting for feedback from the beta testers.

My updated Linux/CommandCNC box will be shipping back today. Any feedback from the beta users?

Well, it’s arrived…first job for which I could -really- use Scananything on Linux. Any updates?

The first potential reelase version has been sent out today. I still have a few connection issues to sort out but after that I should be able to make a release. What version of LinuxCNC are you running? The version is shown in the splash screen when CommandCNC starts up.

2.7.8 ccc1.9

Is that the correct info?

Thaks. That’s exactly what I needed to know.

Any updates? Thanks!


Try this <>. Save the file to any convenient folder, mark it as executable and run it. Note this will only work for 32 bit Linux running LinuxCNC 2.7.8. You don’t need to change any of your LinuxCNC settings, simply run Scanything and it will connect to LinuxCNC automatically.

It should work with any Video4Linux compatible camera (most USB cameras will work).

Got Scananything up and running on my CommandCNC machine. Running, but not working.

When I choose my dot marker, and start the calibration process, Scananything will start travelling towards the dot (if it’s off-center). Kind of a jerky motion, but it’s headed there. However, before it gets to the ink-pen dot, the blue and green “circles” in scananything will disappear. The camera still works, I can still see the (real time) image, and the jog buttons still work. However, the blue and green rings have disappeared, and it won’t do anything else.

If I restart CommandCNC and Scananything, it starts all over again. However, before the green ring actually matches the blue ring (on my ink-dot), the same thing happens.

Is there something on my end I need to be changing?

Switch to mask mode. Is the dot clearly visible as it calibrates? If not try adjusting the brightness.