Scaling up causes more starting points

I have a drawing that is 6 inches high and when i try to scale it up in sheetcam
the larger i make it the more starting points it has. It will go from 7 starting points to over 300 i have never seen this before.

Do you mean the drawing scale when you import the drawing? This is probably due to accuracy issues with your drawing. It is quite common for lines and arcs not to meet up perfectly in the drawing. If they are very close SheetCam will adjust them so that they do line up perfectly. Now if you scale your drawing up the gaps get bigger so you end up with more gaps that SheetCam won’t fix.

The ideal answer is to fix the drawing but that is not always practical. The other option is to go to Options->application options->drawing import and increase the ‘import link tolerance’ value. Try doubling it then import your drawing again. If you still have errors, keep slowly increasing the value until they go away. Remember that you have to import your drawing each time.

It is not generally a good idea to set this value too high as it can end up joining lines that should not be joined.