SC Dev v7.1.35 hangs occasionally upon startup, Win11

this has occurred twice out of 30 or so launches since installing. It hangs with the main window open but the visual graphic window not yet painted or colored. There are “shadows” of one row of large buttons in the top left quadrant of the full screen window. The vertical window frames left, center (code editor), and right are showing. The toolbar is showing. The window title is normal but with Win msg (not responding) appended. I’m launching from a shortcut pinned to the taskbar. Next time it happens I’ll take a screenshot and post it here.
Both times this has occurred, I’ve right clicked on the taskbar icon and selected “Close Window” to recover. The immediate next launch attempt has worked fine both times.

update: Rotary-plasma plugin is enabled, as is V-carve plugin.

ok, I caught the screenshot of the hang. It occurred to me that it failed this morning after a Win restart/reboot. So after 10 or so SC launches without a hang, I restarted Win and boom SC failed on the first attempted launch after the restart. The screenshot posted was before I clicked in the SC window, at which time it goes to (not responding) state per the window title, but it is clearly hung before that click.

I have seen that occasionally when running the Windows version on Linux using Wine. Unfortunately I cannot replicate it on my development machine which makes it virtually impossible to fix.

its not critical, easy to work around. I have found it hanging though other than on first launch after a reboot. Its an odd one for sure.
If I discover a repeatable pattern, I’ll post here.
thanks for checking.

I believe this problem is triggered/setup by shortcut property settings having to do with overriding default Windows DPI settings for display screen scaling on 4K display. After a couple of weeks of SC not crashing, and after mistakenly changing DPI overrides in the shortcut properies for all users, SC crashed again yesterday. So I undid the changes and its working fine again. I don’t recall the setting that was causing failure as I was trying to fix another program, Lightburn, that was having display resolution problems. I didn’t realize what I did affected SC also until I launched it, and in my haste I just undid what I had changed moments earlier. I suspect if you play around with different combinations of these settings you may find a consistent pattern of SC crashing.
These are my current property settings that seem to be working fine so far for both Lightburn and SC …

Well, that’s unexpected. I’ll run some tests and see if I can replicate the problem. Thanks for letting me know what you found.