Rulers numbers disappearing

The numbers on the rulers disappear when the options>job options is opened and will not come back until SC is restarted.

I’ve noticed that happening myself, just never took the time to investigate what was causing it.

Now I know, Steve

I never use the rulers so I never noticed this. I just ran some tests and you can get the numbers back by double clicking on the graphics window. I’ll take a look at the code and see if I can fix this.

Yes double clicking on the graphics window and bump the scroll wheel is the ticket Thanks Steve

I’ve found that clicking on the simulation button at the top of the screen also brings the rulers back.


The latest dev version should fix this issue.

Now when I open the options>job options>nesting the graphic window goes into a distorted 3d view I have to click on one of the material thickness settings each time to correct it. Thanks Steve

It should only do that on the material tab. I just checked and I see you get the 3D view if you right-click in the parts window and select ‘Nesting’ rather than using Options->job options->nesting. I’ll try to fix that for the next release.