Rough and Finish pass

Hi All

Is it possible to do the finish pass with a different tool at a different speed than the roughing tool?


I use two operations to do this. On the first operation, I enter a finish allowance amount enough to let the second operation do it’s finish pass. That second operation can have many different settings, but only needs to share the same layer.

I use this sometimes when I need multiple passes to cut out a profile so I have a finish allowance of 1mm and then use the second operation at full depth to clean up that 1mm with a zero allowance. If I have tabs on the first operation, I can copy those tab settings to the finish operation.


Thanks Paul

How exactly do you do this? Do you have 2 layers of the same shape in your dxf or do you assign two paths to the same layer?


Hi Dropout,

You don’t need 2 layers. I reuse the same layer. After adding an operation to the layer for the rough cut, I add another operation to the same layer for the finish cut. I don’t know if this image shows it very well, but it has the first operation of 4 cuts of 5mm each using a finish allowance of 5mm (exaggerated to show up better) to cut a total of 20mm. Then the second operation cuts the same layer one time at 20mm to clean up the edge without that finish allowance.

On this outside operation, the greater the finish allowance, the further away the cut path is for that layer.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try.

I assume that you can specify the cut order somewhere (just new to this package).


Yep - in the image attached, lower left-hand corner is the operations window. You can drag an operation to a different line to change the order of cutting. Top operation is performed first.