Rotary plasma plate marker issue

i tried “rotary plasma mach 3 swaped axis post processor” and work great ! Now the issue i have , is that i want to scribe bend line on the tubes with a sharpie. ( the sharpie is installed on the Z next to my torch ) So i’ve set marker operation first then cutting operation .

When the program start , the z do his reference then all axis moove to the correct offset for the sharpie. The pen do is job , but the torch won’t switch back to her position before cutting ( stay on marker offset and try to cut )

I tried every setting in the post processor for scriber with any luck …

Any tips on that

i forgot to joint g-code and a copy of my post processor. Also i have candcnc controls.

all i want is the torch go back to his position after marking operation (before cutting operation )

please if someone can help me , i need it working pretty soon for jobs …

thanks everyone
small tube.tap (3.51 KB)
small tube.DXF (26.1 KB)
PlasmaRotary Mach3 swapped axes.scpost (12.7 KB)

Here’s the g-code I need to get . i get it from plasma rotary mach3 post processor
but i need this with swaped axes
final.tap (4.73 KB)

In the post you used a decimal comma for your scriber offsets (1,23) and you should use a decimal point (1.23). Apart from that I can’t see anything obvious. If you still can’t get it to work, set up a job that demonstrates the fault and save it (File->save job). If you let me have a copy I’ll take a look and see if I can figure out what is going on.

Edit the post and swap the X and Y moves. Should be pretty simple.