Rotary Plasma "Pick Up Cut" Not operating

Hey Les Travis With BOSS Tables here and I have been working with CandCNC or Command CNC To develop a rotary cutter using the plasma. So far everything is working great. Torch touches the material cut begins ect. The only problem that I am having currently is picking up or restarting a cut if I potentially lost an arc or collision.

When selecting the previous M5 and running form line the torch will raise up hitting the limit of travel I can allot. Miss steps or bind up, then dive right into the tube. Then throwing the machine in E Stop. My rapid height is .5 and plunge safety is .25. I am able to disable the torch and restart the cut but when running a lengthy code it is not very handy. I have been working with Tom and he has said that there is nothing that he can accomplish to restart a cut. I am looking for some help and or guidance in correcting the problem.

Could you give me a sample of the g-code.