Revers problem

when i change revers checkbox nothing happen.
not good.

Do you mean the ‘reverse open paths’ check box? This is only used when cutting open paths with multiple passes. Instead of returning to the start fro each pass it reverses the cut direction for each pass. If you want to start a cut at the other end move it’s start point to the other end.

I mean Reverse Cut Direction.
If i change only Reverse state and then click OK - nothing happen.
But if i change reverse and “Lead In” (for example) - everything okay.

And one more bug:
SheetCam installation try to download vcredist_x86_vc2009.exe even if i installed it before. I cant update my work computer without Internet.

What happens if you reverse the cut direction then zomm in/out or pan the screen? Do the tool paths then show correctly?

I’ll see if I can find out why the installer keeps trying to install vcredist.

Oh yes, I forgot to ask - what version of Windows are you using?

Les, I prepeared for you flash video grabbed from my screen.
You will see all problems by yourself eyes.

I use winxp sp2.

Installation tryes to download Libs every time.
But when i installed Autodesk Inventor 2011, Installation passed without trying.
May be should setup vcredist_x86_vc2009.exe apart of sheetcam installation?

A click on the climb-cut-box in the contour-window doesnt work. I must first close the window. When I open it second time and click optimise now, the cut direction turns round. The same problem is in the pocket-operation.



That will be fixed in the next release. In the mean time , disabling then re-enabling the operation using the little check box next to the operation will force the paths to be regenerated.

Oh, thank you! Disabling then Re-enabling the operation using the little check box next to the operation! That’s ok! :smiley: