Remove sheetcam

Hi there I have sheetcam on a Linux computer but it has a rogue license I’m trying to delete the program but when ever I do then download and reinstall the rogue license is still there, I’m nee to Linux so can someone guide how to remove please

have you tried >> help tab >> move (the rogue) licence to another computer

and then >> help tab >> install (new) licence file… it may work / help

I’ve tried both those and uninstalled the program, still no joy. I’m going to buy a license but I want to have clean install to start with.

I’ve tried both of those and also uninstalled the program and downloaded again from the official site, still no joy though

Your licence file is named “license.camlic”, and it is located in the Sheetcamtng directory, which is usually located in the path /home/“yourname”/sheetcamtng/. If you delete that file, then install the new licence using the above mentioned “install new license file” you should be good. You won’t even have to delete Sheetcam to do this.

Actually, I’d try just using the “install new license file” first, it might save you running around in your directories.

Managed to get it off now, thanks folks

For future reference if you have a new license, installing it will overwrite any existing license.

I’m going to buy one Les, is it sent via email?

If you order though the website you generally get the license by email within 15 minutes.