Reference all home

Is there a function for referencing all axis home between operations, that’s added to the g code, rarther than me stopping and doing it manually? Using mach3.

Quoting from the Mach3 reference:

G28.1 Reference Axis

Program G28.1 X~ Y~ Z~ A~ B~ C~ to reference the given axes. The axes will move at the current feed rate towards the home switch(es), as defined by the Configuration. When the absolute machine coordinate reaches the value given by an axis word then the feed rate is set to that defined by Configure>Config Referencing. Provided the current absolute position is approximately correct, then this will give a soft stop onto the reference switch(es).

So for instance G28.1 X1 Y1 will reference X and Y, slowing the axes down 1 unit from the home switch.

so how do I ad that to the g code, I transfer to the machine, is there a function on sheetcam, I can request refer all home, just like adding an operation?

Yes, use the insert G-code operation (the button with a big G). That allows you to insert any g-code you want into the output file.

THanks Les always helpful, with us new starters.