Ref Distance


In my post, ref_distance is set to 76. Is this in mm?? When I set it by inserting the variable in gcode I use inches. I’d like it to default to 1" unless otherwise changed by the gcode. Does this mean it should be set to 26 in the post?


Which post are you using?

It’s a loose variation of the THC300 post heavily customized for our machine. We modified it to reset the distance counter after each cut. If the distance between the start of the last cut and the start of the next cut is greater than ref_distance, it touches off again. I’ll attach the post.

Refdistance is in millimetres. When you set it in SheetCam it automatically gets converted to millimetres before it is passed on to the post.

So in my post, if it is not set in the code, it defaults to 76mm. To make it default to 1" I would change that to 26mm. Correct?

Sorry, yes that is correct.