Recommended Mach4 Router post?

SheetCam 7.0.12,
ESS build 275

Hi again
The machine I built is a “plain” 3 axis gantry. Apart from being able to flip the bed and swap heads to run it as a plasma cutter, it has no features. No THC, coolant mist or tool changing etc.

Previously I was using the generic Mach3 post for routing, but I updated to the above versions recently.
Now, if I use the generic Mach3 post in the new version of SheetCam it writes code that calls a tool change prior to the first cut.

I dont have a tool changer, so Mach4 just stops at that line.

There are many many Post Processor options in SheetCam now but none for Mach4 routing, and the Mach3 option no longer works.

I tried making a copy of the Mach3 post and editing out the tool change script. The code was written without the tool change line/s, but Mach4 still stopped at the same point.

Which Post option can I use for Mach4 and a simple generic router with no tool changer?


All routing posts have the tool change code. In Mach4 there should be a setting to ignore tool changes.

Thanks Les I’ll go have a look.
In the mean time, which Post would you recommend for Mach4/ESS with a generic router?


The Mach3 post should work.