Raster image plasma cutter marking?

Is it possible or practical for sheetcam to make a raster image and etch with a plasma instead of the more usual marking mode.

The ‘laser’ plugin can do this. You would have to define a laser tool rather than a plasma tool but most of the settings are the same. Make sure you don’t use a THC post as the touch-off would really mess things up. I’ll send you a PM with an evaluation license for the plugin.

Hi guys,
Is there somewhere I can find a feature list of what the laser plugin can do?

To a vertain extent it is a one trick pony. It takes outlines and generated raster tool paths to cut them. It was written for laser engraving but the problem is that not many controllers can keep up with raster engraving. Dedicated engraving controllers can of course do it but they tend to use their own specialized file format, not g-code.