rapid clearance

I have a older Dyna Torch 5X 10 table running Dyna Torch CNC Cutting Systems Version (Feb 2012 Release)
I use Sheetcam to generate the G code using the Dynatorch processor option.
I have tried to set the rapid clearance to 1 inch but it continues to raise all the way up before each move. It need a code M125 with amount of rise interred in the G code before the first G23 entered.
How can I fix this without entering it manually?

Information on Dyna Torch settings page:
M125 This feature is used to limit the amount the torch retracts at the end of cut path. If you add this code anywhere before the first G23 then the torch retracts, it will retract the “Pword” amount from it’s current position (never to exceed home position). This code will remain in effect until the program ends or the Pword is set to Zero or negative.

Example: M125 P1.0 If you want the Torch to raise 1" above where it was when the path ended. P<=0 will disable this command.

Thank You