Random torch height

I have tried anything I can think of, is anyone else having a problem with plasma cuts ? This happens randomly when the torch goes down for cut height it will touch metal then instead of rising to cut height it will slide along cut line then raise up to cut height at end of cut. Only seems to do this on straight cuts. This started just after the last update on Sheetcam. I am rather dense when it comes to PCs and software so be nice !!

Is there any way that I can go back to an older version of Sheetcam and try cuts with it ? I am fairly certain that this odd cut problem started just after I did the last update.

Any help is appreciated. Les suggested I check the rapid clearance in options. Did not help.

Can you step through the code on your table and see if the table is responding to the commands? Is the THC what is raising the torch up at the end of the cut? It sounds like you’re not correctly sensing the top of the material at the beginning thus throwing off your cut height.
Try turning off your THC and plasma cutter and stepping through the code. Verify that the rapid height are accurate using feeler gauges.

I am not using THC on my table. It is weird that this only happens on straight cuts and not all of them. This never happened until I updated to the latest Sheetcam. I am using the same file as before and they never did this before. As I said in previous post I am not the most computer savvy so bear with me !!!

Are you using the same post processor as before you? Can you compare an old gcode from before with a new one? Maybe something will jump out.

This sounds like it could be a post processor issue. Could you set up a job that demonstrates the issue then post process it. Now save the job (Go to File->save job) and send me the g-code file and job file. You can email the files or attach them on a post here.

Hope this will work. As I said I am not very computer capable. The 2 straight lines are the ones that are the problem.
Joy with cutter head.tap (38 KB)

I think you could have a problem with your machine. Looking at the g-code, it all looks correct. It moves to Z0.2 before every pierce then lifts to 0.5 at the end of cut.

Check that your Z axis moves smoothly without any sticking. Also check if you have any loose couplings or pulleys.