Problem with multiple junctions

Hello altogether,

I have a problem with a geometry that has multiple juctions (see attachment).

There is a path which enables to cut the total geometry with only one starting point. Unfortunatelly, SheetCam prefers to start with the open geometry and then cut the closed ones after that.

Is there a possibility that I can change the cut path manually? Anything else I can do about this?

Thanks for the support!


Your best bet is to put the spiral on a different layer. That way SheetCam will process it completely independently to the circles.

My problem is that I want exactly the opposite.

Currently SheetCam processes the spiral independently. I, however, want to have the first segment of the spiral first, then the first circle, then the second segment of the spiral, the second circle and so on.

Thus, the overall result is the outer hole and I cut the inner parts into small pieces by keeping the laser on all the time.

I’d say then that you need to cut the spiral into segments at each intersecting circle. Then you would need to put each segment and circle on it’s own layer, so you can control the cutting.


In that case I think you will have to modify your drawing slightly. If you make a small break the circles and move the starts and ends of your spirals as needed it should work.