problem cutting rectangles - sheet cam/dyna torch

I am trying to cut some simple rectangular shapes from 16 ga mild steel sheet. I’ve drawn them up using the “rectangle” tool in adobe illustrator, and they look ok when imported into sheetcam. After I open my cut file in the dynatorch software, the rectangles are no longer appearing square on the screen. The G code also shows that they are .025" off from one corner to the next, but it doesn’t happen on every side of the rectangle.

In practice, I don’t think this will truly be a problem, but I’m curious why this is happening when the Gcode is generated. anyone have ideas about this? I’ve had some other weird problems with certain arcs not generating properly in sheet cam, despite looking good in illustrator. These had obvious defects in them, that you could see on the screen in sheet cam, and they subsequently showed up when looking at the part in the dynatorch software. The rectangles look fine in sheetcam, but show up obviously skewed/distorted in the dyna torch software.

thanks in advance,
jon byler

hmmm. looks like the 0.025 inch problem was me not recognizing the offset and the arcs it the post processor in shetcam is making when going around the corner. still confused as to why when exporting multiple rectangles, though, that they show up distorted in the dynatorch software, but single rectangles show up find.