Price thc settings

Need help with setting the thc up
As it is when I post the g code it loads and starts but when the torch comes on it doesn’t go any further until I manually turn the torch off then it runs normal but with no torch if this makes any sense

All help appreciated

What control software are you using (e.g Mach3)?
Do you have an ‘arc ok’ signal? if so is it working the right way around? You could get symptoms like that if the arc ok signal is working the wrong way around.

Hi Les
I’m using Mach3 but running it without a floating z
I’m getting all correct torch on off signal
I think it’s something to do with the way I’m doing the post processor as I’ve got it working now but the torch is going too high after it starts it’s going about 2 inches up so it just stops because the thc isn’t getting a arc reading if this makes sense?
I changed something before on the post processor an that sorted it starting
I’ve left it now for today I’m going to try again tomorrow


Are you using a THC post? It could be that it is outputting touch-off instructions even though you don’t have touch-off on your machine.

Yes I’m using the plasma scribe with thc
Is ther a way to turn off the touch off on it?