Power settings in Post.

I’m working from the Amada Laser2 post file.

This is from the post

post.Text (" G65 P9100 S___ H__ B___ C__ I__ J__ W___ Q__ T___ U__ I__ J__\n")

This is the output

N0005 G65 P9100 S___ H__ B___ C__ I__ J__ W___ Q__ T___ U__ I__ J__

This is what the code would normally read

N0005 G65 P9100 S1500  B100 C25 I63 J1 W1500  T2000 U85 I64 J.01

How can I fix this?

When I tried to insert the variable “power”, but came up with “nil” for an answer. 1500 should have been the answer.

I would like to be able to reference a spreadsheet, and keep the power settings for materials. I see a table under tools, but there are a few things I would like to add if possible, such as a power for pierce, and one for cutting.[/code]

Hmm, that part looks wrong. It could be that I was never provided the documentation for what numbers should be substituted there. Can you tell me what each of the parameters are.
At the same time, can you tell me what the

G65 P9101 Z__


G93 X__ Y__ Z__

are for.

G65 P9101 Z___

This sets the Z retract when M61 is called. Typically, it’s the same as material thickness to minimize material tip ups leading to head crashes.

G93 X__ Y__ Z__

G93 is just an offset, although I do not use Z. G92 sets the work area, in my case x50, y50

G94 increments the offset from G93. example would be using a loop to run a simple program. G93 X20 Y0 ->cut part ->G94 x1 changes the original X20 offset to X20 + 1 or X21.

N0005 G65 P9100 S1500  B100 C25 I63 J1 W1500  T2000 U85 I64 J.01

G65 P9100 = Here are the power settings
S1500 = S is power settings for piercing
B100 = B is laser frequency on Pierce
C25 = duty cycle on pierce
I63 = Pierce gas (I63 low pressure oxy, I64 High press oxy, I65, Nitrogen, I67 shop air)
J1 = Pierce delay
W1500 = cutting power
T2000 = cutting frequency (hz)
U85 = Duty cycle, cutting
I64 = cut with hp oxy
J.01 = power on delay after cut is finished

There were a few others that I don’t know off the top of my head, because I do not use them, but others may in the future. H and Q.

Those numbers (S, B, W, etc.) are all very dependent on the material, and thickness. Pulling from a look up table is the only way. If not thru TNG, then physically, but a table has to be used.

I have some experience with Pronest, as an idea, their method uses .XLS tables. Where material is matched, then cut condition is matched (air, oxy, nitrogen), then thickness (closest is used eg. 0.062 is going to use 0.060 settings.) After that, each match is broken out by surface area. Allowing separate settings for tiny holes vs med. vs. long profile cuts. I can provide an example for you to look at if you wish.

Give this post a try. When you run the post it asks for the pierce power, duty cycle etc. It currently does not implement G93 at all. Does it need to?

Les, that’s awesome.

Certainly something I can work with.

There are a few adjustments I can make inside the post. Such as the closing statement (G25 would be G70 on my machine), etc.

Is there a way to make the comments all upper case? lower case characters are dropped by my controller.

The string.upper() function should do the trick. For example:

function OnComment()
  post.Text(" (",commentText,")\n")

would become

function OnComment()
  post.Text(" (",string.upper(commentText),")\n")