PostProcessor Mach3 Issue

So i am using the post processor MACH3 Plasma. The issue i am having is the pierce delay changes in the g-code from the setting i have on the machine tools. For instance i set a 1.3s pierce delay to cut 3/8 plate and it will change back to .5s see the attached tap file. see lines 160, 230, 280, 350 etc. Why is this happening? I attached the tap file and the post processor for reference.
Mach3 plasma PostProcessor.scpost (4.43 KB)
teser.tap (2.16 KB)

I’m not seeing any issue in the code. If you look in the tap file you should see this code:

N0150 M03
N0160 G04 P1.3

Try changing the pierce delay to 0. After post processing you should see the G04 value change to 0. Is the pierce delay still 0.5s? If so I suspect you have a spindle on delay defined in Mach4

I vaguely remember some strangeness in the way Mach4 handles delays. After doing the above check, try the attached post.
Mach4 plasma PostProcessor.scpost (4.44 KB)