Postprocessor Crash

Hello everybody,

every time I run the postprocessor (EMC, *.ngc) Sheetcam crashes. The gCode files are generated and are okay - as far as I can tell.

I am using SC 4.1.11 (Linux), Ubuntu 10.04 (64bit).

…any idea, what the problem could be?


This will happen in unlicensed copies of SheetCam on Linux. It is a problem with the way the Linux build of wxWidgets handles errors. I am trying to find a way around this.


I am evaluating sheetcam as well and I am having the same issue. l plan on licensing this if it correctly will operate my plasma table.

I am on Ubuntu 12.10 (64bit).

Your efforts to provide a Linux version is much appreciated. Wine is not an option for my shop.


This could just be an Ubuntu issue. I just installed and tested the latest Linux version on Arch Linux and I had no issues at all.