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Hi Les…

My table does not require any Z input at all from the controller. The THC handles all of that. I’ve got the post modified so it does not write any Z commands, but the the plunge move is still there.

Look at line N0100 (initial prep move to start point), then look at line N0150. Line N0150 is where you would normally see the plunge move down to cutting height, but since the THC handles that, this line doesn’t even need to be there.

Is there a way to make it go away? Since there’s nothing really happening here anyway, I suspect that Mach just skips over this line, but the code would be cleaner if the line were not there.


N0000 (Filename: test.tap)
N0010 (Post processor: TruCutCNC - M1101.scpost)
N0020 (Date: 20/02/2011)
N0030 G20 (Units: Inches)
N0040 G53 G90 G40 M7 M1100
N0050 F1
N0060 (Part: circle)
N0070 (Operation: Outside Offset, INSIDE, T109: 1/4" Steel, 100A)
N0080 M06 T109 (1/4" Steel, 100A)
N0090 G00 Z0.2500
N0100 G00 X4.0350 Y2.0000
N0110 (Operation: Reference Torch)
N0120 M1101
N0130 M03
N0140 G04 P1
N0150 G01 X4.0350 Y2.0000 F75
N0160 G02 X4.0350 Y2.0000 I-2.0350 J0.0000 F75.0
N0170 M05
N0180 G00 Z0.2500
N0190 G00 X0 Y0
N0200 M05 M30

Nevermind… :slight_smile:

Making cut height and pierce height the same makes that line go away because at that point there is no need for a plunge.