post processors

hello Im new to cnc and I have just finished a 5x5 plasma table and was setting it up to cut Im having a problem with my cuts it will not complete a path with the torch on it turns the torch off before the end for example if I cut a circle C c if i cut a straight line say 12 inches long it will only cut 11.25 would that be in the post processor did i not check the right box or something have tried mach3 with thc and backlash comp and some of the others did i not set my sheetcam up correctly
Im using inkscape sheetcam and mach3

Edit your cut operation. Is Overcut set to a negative number? That would stop the cut early. Are you using path rules? It could be that you have a path rule that stops the cut.

Thank you les I will check the post processors that I have used and make sure there aren’t any path rules I did think about setting the over cut for an inch to see if it made any changes

Well I found a trucut post processor that the torch stays on until the end of the paths now I need to figure out how to adjust the feedrate because it is way to slow thanks again for your input