post processor

hi les,
I have a stepper DTHC with the feather touch off control from candcnc . I have constructed my table to work with a plasma or router. the plasma work fine – I have only cut one item with it so far (which I did have some problems) – just a newbie. I am using tom’s “Plasma MP3000-DTHCII post processor with/without Plate marker” which works fine. I bought a marker pen setup that floats about 1/2”. Do you know of tom’s post processors, which one would be used for it that – can’t have it doing a touch off. I would just set Z=0.00 at the bottom point of the pen touching the paper that is taped to the metal plate. Just want to draw out the image before I cut it, to be sure the cut is good.
chuck marrs – denver co usa