Post Processor Problem

Been having an issue with holes displaying in my control software, the odd time it will not cut the entire hole, changed the post processer code a bit so now it displays and cuts the first hole in a part no problem, but wont finish any other cut, just starts, nearly completes then moves on to the next part.
Plasma Table Post Rev1.scpost (3.15 KB)

I just figured something out, if I put a lead in and lead out on it, I have no issue. Still have the issue when no lead in and out is selected

I suspect your control is struggling with arcs that from full circles.
Edit your post and look for this line:


Immediately after it add this:


I dont see the “post.forceextension” line, should I add it?

It’s on line 15.
Actually it doesn’t matter where it is as long as it is outside of a function.