post processor for a kyndill thc

Hello everyone i am in need of help,
i am a rookie to cnc plasma cutting just got my first table a Accurate Arc Systems plasma table and i got a kyndill THC to go on it .
got it all wired up and installed and I am having issues with getting it to function correctly , so i am looking for those of you who might have a kyndill
THC and are using sheetcam and mach3 .

what it is doing is when you click go in mach3 the torch moves to its 1st cut location the head cycles down to touch off the plate then rises up to pierce height and then the x,y axis starts moving a few inches and then it drops down to cut height, so the is no pierce delay to allow the arc voltage to level out and allow the torch to move down to cut height before the x,y axis movement.

Hope this all makes sense as i really need help as Kyndill tech support hasn’t been able to figure it out yet.
I was told by the table builder i need a post processor for sheetcam to write the correct g code to tell the THC how to function.

I’m not familiar with the kyndill but I had a quick look through the manual and it appears to be a fully automatic THC. In SheetCam select the ‘Mach3’ post processor. If Mach3 appears to be ignoring the pierce delay you may need to change the way it handles delay. Go to Config->general config. In the ‘General configuration’ section, near the top of the right hand column, make sure ‘G04 dwell in ms’ is turned off.

Firstly I don’t have a kyndill THC, but reading the manual (and as Les said) it appears to be a stand alone THC.

This means that most of the settings are actually done within the THC and not via gcode / Mach3 etc…
2019-01-31 15_39_50-Kyndill-Controller-Manual.pdf.png
So… the pierce delay is actually a setting within the THC
2019-01-31 15_41_26-Kyndill-Controller-Manual.pdf.png
Also the purpose of the pierce delay is not to “allow the arc voltage to level out”…

The sequence of events as far as the plasma cutter is concerned is:
Torch fires arc
arc transfers from an ignition arc to a cutting arc
the Arc OK signal is given by the plasma cutter to the THC. {in your case the Arc OK signal is called the “OK to Move Input” in the manual}
when the ARC OK signal is received by the THC it waits the pierce delay time.
Once the pierce delay time elapses the torch will drop to the cut height and then begins cutting.

The torch voltage will not stabilize until the torch drops to the cut height
this is a separate delay period within the THC and in your case is called the “sensing delay”

Have a read of the manual around pdf page 10 / 11

well guys i am back , had a stent of about 8 months in a hospital and i am back to working on this plasma table. i am still having the issue of the torch not doing the first few step of moving down to pierce height and the piercing then moving to cut height and cutting , instead it is moving down to touch off the plate and then moving in the x,y axis then firing the torch. Also 2nd issue is that when it does finish a cut the z axis plunges hard and while doing so the x,y axis tries to move knocking the z axis breakaway off causing a stop are pictures of the wiring thats done.