Post Processing G01

Hi All
My CCZ4 Cnc controller requires all lines to contain a G command
What I get from Sheetcam post processors is typically like this:
G00 X10 Y10
G01 X11 Y22 F150
X 22 Y30
X33 Y50
So CCZ4 sees the last 2 lines as G00 and switches off plasma
Is there a Post processor that will write the G01 in front of every subsequent move after the first G01 move?
Thanks, I hope it is clear. Gert

There most likely is another post processor that outputs non-modal motion codes, but unfortunately I cannot say which one it would be. Just scroll through the list and try a few different ones maybe.
You can always edit the post, if you feel comfortable doing so, and search for anywhere that says “G01” or “G00”. On the same line before that, it probably says something like “post.ModalText…”. Just remove the Modal to say “post.Text…”

If you dont feel comfortable, just upload the post here and someone may fix it for you.

It is best to do a search for all cases of post.ModalText and change them to post.Text