Possible to have leadin/overcut distance tied to toolset?

Curious if it’s possible to have the leadin/overcut distance tied to the tool selection? I find that the same settings are use (per material thickness, ie, tool selection) most (all) of the time. Having these variables tied to the tool, and not having to manually change them between tools (or forgetting to change them) would help remove some “whoops” variables. Even if they are still manually editable, but default in at values tied to the tool selection…

I’ve suggested this exact idea a few times to Les, but the best I got was that he would think about it.
I agree that it’s cumbersome to have to reset the lead settings every time you switch material. Maybe if there is more interest, it will become an option.

April. https://sheetcam.discoursehosting.net/t/no-title/4828/1

June. https://sheetcam.discoursehosting.net/t/reminder-for-les/6389/1

Yeah, that would be super handy. Even if the fields were left changeable (as they are now), but would populate in with the information from the toolset, by default.

I have thought this exact same thing several times. I’ve encountered several of these whoops moments because i forgot to update the leadin.

Related to this subject… add a checkbox or something to default the “start at center of circles” to twice the leadin set value.

Enough people have asked for this so it’s in the next dev release. Hopefully due out in the next day or so.

Wonderful. Thanks Les.

Great news Les! Thanks for your constant support!

Any chance the new update will keep path rules tied to .part files as well? That’s killing me right now with holiday orders. Instead of using the .part files, I’m having to save huge .job files full of parts, and just activate/deactivate them as I build a sheet (because the path files are saved with the .job, but not with the .part).


Thats awesome Les! Thank you! But now it seems i have so many custom tool parameters that the tool dialog is too long to display everything on my screen without a scroll bar…

It looks like the lead type box was moved from the right side to the bottom. Maybe it would work better if the lead settings were stacked on the right side of the dialog. That upper right area is kind of wasted space, and since there isn’t a way to move the settings added via the post over into a second column they push the lead settings nearly off of the screen.

Perhaps something like this.

Are you sure you have enough tool parameters? :open_mouth:

In the standard layout the parameter hint images go in that seemingly empty space. Getting the window to automatically rearrange itself when there are too many parameters would be a pain to implement. I should however be able to make it show scroll bars if there is not enough room.

I could, and probably should, remove three of those additional parameters as they are the same for all conditions. When I developed the post I added them as parameters because I was not sure at that time if they varied with cutting conditions.

Hey Les,

Is the leadin and leadout tied to the toolset only applicable to the jet cutting tools? I am seeing where it is useful to have that tied to the milling and routing tools also, but i dont see an option for that. Maybe i’m just missing it.

It’s only in jet cutting. I couldn’t see the need to use it in milling/routing.

There is a list of tools that they regularly use and i was just going to tie a typical leadin value and path to each tool instead of having to change it each time. Specifically the engraving tool. Its no big deal, but I would use it.