Possible issue with sheetcam...

We bought a new table from Premier plasma. The programs are drawing in fusion, g code in sheetcam then cut in mach3. The part we are trying to cut is not coming out to the correct dimensions. It is about a 1/16 off. I have 2 pieces and the difference between them are one has reverse cut checked and the other doesn’t. The parts then reverse each other. I tried to up load a photo but it wouldn’t let me. Said it was too big. The part is fine in the first 2 programs then it cuts not to right size in mach3. Any help would be great

Your plasma cutter should have a preferred cut direction for best quality. You should set SheetCam to travel in this direction.

Set everything up ready to post process then save the job (File->save job). If you post the file here or email it to me I’ll take a look and see what is going on.