Pockets not getting cut correct depth

First of all, I can’t believe its been two years since I last visited…I will have to rectify that…

My problem;

I have had virtually zero problems with sheet cam until today. For some reason, my internal pockets have stopped generating all the Z- depths in the .NC file. When I run the post processor, the log shows that the file is generated with all the correct info, including the correct depth. But the gcode shows the first pass of the pocket and then skips to the next operation or ends if the pocket was the only operation. But, it doesn’t do it for all pockets. Seemingly random…I have been able to generate correct gcode from these very drawings in the past (albeit slightly modified)

I have been able to get around this problem by making operations for each pass, which is hardly ideal.


The first thing to check is the material thickness. SheetCam will not let you cut below the material thickness plus the height of the material above the table.

Another less likely possibility is that you have a tool offset defined. In most posts the tool offset is added to the Z value so the cuts will all come out too high. Also check your license is working - look in Help->about.

If you still can’t find anything wrong, posts a job file and I’ll take a look at it.