Please report this as bug. Issue

I am try to generate program for plasma cutting.
My zeros and o’s cut once than get stuck in a loop for sometimes up to 10 loops. This happens when adding tabs to keep parts together.
I have attached unaltered files with just text cut.
Please Help.
Thank you!!!

Yup, that is definitely a bug. To work around the issue for the moment you can move your start points away from the tabs. I will do some more testing to see what is going on.

I have found the problem. I’ll upload an update later on today.

Yes, you right. If I place a hold tab the same place as the start point it causes a bug in the program. Once I place hold tab, than edit start point away from hold tab, things seem ok.
Wait update. Thank you!

A bit late but the new development release is being uploaded now.

Thanks Les and shad for the fix.