Please help - Needing help with a dxf file import

Can someone please help me. My brother has a CNC machine and uses CorelDraw X8 for his designs. His wife has always done the designing for him and they are getting a divorce and he knows nothing. He needs to get this order out. I am familar with Corel but I use it to print and design tshirts. Can someone please look at this file and tell me what I’m doing wrong. It seems simple but it’s not cutting correctly. He said it prints out the texas but then the outer circle is cutting a semi circle then goes back and trys to cut over it twice ect. Please let me know what I can do to fix it.

What looks like one circle are two overlaying circles. Try to delete one of them and your problem should be gone.

Edit: Seem to be even 21 overlaying circles !!

Yes, I saw same thing. Delete overlaying circles, keeping only one.

Also when I deleted one of the circle you had open vectors.

Your circle consists of a lot of line segments obviously not welded.
And it is no real circle.
Try my uploaded version