PlasmaTool Plugin

Hi Les,
I recently tried to create a new plasma tool using the plugin and it was not a happy camper.
The plugin threw an Lua error while running chunk.
Platform: Windows 11 Pro
Version: 22H2
SheetCAM TNG: 7.1.31

Screen shot attached.

Any ideas?

Thanks for letting me know. I found the problem and it will be fixed in the next release, which is due out in the next day or so.

Is it related to an issue I am having where I only get the following six lines when running the Fire Control post?

G90 G94
G20 (Units: Inches)
M5 M30

Sheetcam Dev 7.1.31 and 7.1.32

That sounds more like a license issue. If you email me a copy of your license ID I will check it for you. You can see your license ID in Help->about.


Hi Les,

SheetCAM TNG 7.1.32 installed itself this morning - issue resolved.


Yes. The ID you sent me is installed on at least 3 different computers. This is against the terms of service so the license has stopped working. You need to purchase one license per computer.

Doh! My bad. Just place order. (email followup)