Plasma lead out

Hello, i have a problem with lead out (plasma)
if i start a contour i use lead in arc and it works pretty good.
But if the contour is finished the plasma jet produces a small pit at the start point, because the jet workes tice on the start and end point.
That looks ugly.
My question is: is it possible to stop the plasma jet app. 1mm in front of that point?
Then the contour is ready, but no overshooting, and no pit.

Use the overcut function. A negative overcut will stop before the end of the cut. A positive overcut will cut past the end.

Thats, an idea! Overcut! I will try it! Thanks

No, it works but the pit is always there. It seems to be a side effect of the overcut. The current uses the remaining (grounded) material and produces a pit during the plasma jet collapses.
If there is no closed contur (a line) it works perfect.

Getting the overcut to work as an undercut (negative number) does work, but getting the timing right is almost impossible. There are many things that affect the speed of the cut. The varying speed thus affects the length of the undercut needed. I have managed to get close, so instead of a divot, I get a little nub left, which is easy to file off. I just cut a part out of 14ga with a overcut value of -0.05 in, which left a tiny tab holding the part to the sheet. Some of the drops fell right out, others were still held in place by the nub. It’s not perfect, but close. :confused: